My Services

As a practicing school counselor, teacher, and certified trainer in the Howard Glasser’s Nurtured Heart model, I work with parents, students and schools to coach each member to be in relationships which focus on building inner wealth and each person’s gifts, rather than energizing problems. Through modeling, direct instruction and interactive practical activities, I help bring children and adults into a new way of positive energy and interaction.
Since becoming a Certified Advanced NHA Trainer in January of 2007, I have trained schools and presented nationally to hundreds of educators and families seeking to bring out the best version of their students and children daily.  For a full list of references, please feel free to contact me directly at
Coaching and counseling to empower and acknowledge inner wealth in all members, help correct destructive behaviors, nurture strong, positive relationships, replace patterns of negative attention with positive recognition, and reconnect family to their greatness.
(Change can be immediately seen, but most families benefit from three sessions done every other week.)
Rate – hourly $100 (first session is 1.5 hours).  Required reading list to be provided.
Direct instruction to teachers, instructional aides, principals, coaches in adapting the Nurtured Heart Approach with their students, classes and teaching style.  Using modeling, active learning and various presentation tools, educators quickly step into a new way of classroom management which honors the greatness of their students – and their own gifts as a critical impact in their student’s day.
Two- day, All-day (6 hour) and half-day (3 hour) workshops available, with the greatest success found if additional follow-up coaching, individual classroom observations, and whole group hour presentations are utilized to fine-tune skills.  Tammy has trained hundreds of educators across Washington state, nationally and through national speaking opportunities at professional organizations.  References available upon request!