Overview of Howard Glasser's Nurtured Heart Approach (NHA)

The Nurtured Heart Approach® (NHA) is a relationship system which teaches significant adults how to strongly energize and recognize the child’s experiences of success while not accidentally giving more relationship to their experiences of failure. Structured around Three Stands, or tenants NHA is a strategic, systems approach designed to build the capacity of children (and the adults who work with them) to manage life’s inevitable challenges.  Originally developed for our most energetically intense children, NHA has been expanded to support and scaffold all relationships with:

  • Stand 1: Absolutely No (energy to what is going wrong);
  • Stand 2: Absolutely Yes! (relational energy toward what is going right); and 
  • Stand 3: Absolute Clarity (a call to have clear, consistent, energy-less boundaries and rules). 

The Nurtured Heart Approach is not a curriculum. It is not the adoption of empty praise, ignoring bad behavior, or digging into power struggles. 

What it truly has been for so many, in its simplicity, is a paradigm shift. It is a way of being (and seeing) in all relationships that is empowering and positively addictive.

In a short time of learning and practicing the concrete strategies, and adopting the evidence-based mindsets, practitioners can quickly begin to build children of gritty character and strong Inner Wealth.

The approach is now used in thousands of classrooms, clinics, group homes, agencies, and families internationally, and its strategies have been adopted with substantial success as the school-wide discipline plan in dozens of schools nationwide.

“The excellent news is that The Nurtured Heart Approach has been proven to create the transformation very quickly and in an enduring way. Instead of believing that one gets a great deal more from adults through negativity and that positive choices are a less certain bet, the child is moved to believing that he or she can fully invest energy and intelligence in successes.”  Howard Glasser, Founder of Children Success Foundation and author of Transforming the Difficult Child:  the Nurtured Heart Approach

To explore these concepts further, contact me via email at tammyfhuson@gmail.com or purchase one of the many books on the approach by myself, Glasser or others – and start nurturing the existing greatness in every relationship immediately!