Arguing? Complaining? Nagging? Like a mouse on a tightly wound wheel, we often find ourselves in a loop of negativity when it comes to parenting our intensely wonderful (but exhaustingly challenging) child.  This is the biggest job we will ever have: parenting. With a breath of clarity and a depth of experience, Tammy (Small) Fisher tackles some of the common parenting dilemmas with the lens of energizing what is going right using Howard Glasser’s Nurtured Heart Approach®.  An educator, parent, and parent coach for over 30 years, Tammy uses humor, anecdotes, activities, and direct explanation to reenergize parents (and others working with parents) engaged in this lifetime role. Based on three clear, firm stands, the Nurtured Heart Approach empowers parents to let go of old, draining habits and rediscover their amazing gifts, and those of their children.

Whether knowledgeable with Glasser’s Nurtured Heart Approach, all parents will find resources to coach their children, as well as other parents, engaged doubtful or negative individuals, work with school personnel, and employ wonderfully positive techniques to bring out the best version of each person they are in relationship.

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Fearless Parenting book