Honoring Greatness with the Nurtured Heart Approach®
Tammy (Small) Fisher, M.Ed. and Certified Advanced Nurtured Heart Trainer
What others say about Tammy’s work...
  5.  “Thank you so much for your wonderful presentation at Teacher Training.  I have had so many people comment on how this will transform them as parents as well as teachers.”        
  6. - Youth Minister, UCC of Bellevue, WA
  8. “I have been nothing but impressed. It requires a shift - and Tammy helped us get there so positively. You will NOT be disappointed. She helped us transform our family!”
  9. -Parent of challenged 4 year-old
  11.  “You are Wonderful! Thank you so much for your powerful presentation!  I can't tell you the number of staff that came back to school energized and full of stories about what they had done to honor and recognize the people around them. We all realized that we all smiled at folks on the way to work this morning -with great results! We look forward to working with you in the future.”
  12. - D. McCarson, Principal, Kirkland Junior High, WA
  14. “Tammy Small is an inspired soul and brilliant clinician who holds nothing back in her masterful work with families and educators. I am honored and thrilled to have her teaching her deep wisdom through The Nurtured Heart Approach.”  
  15. -Howard Glasser, creator of The Nurtured Heart Approach
  17. “Tammy shows us unconventional means of sustaining relationship, meeting a child where he is, and using theatrical humor as means of providing tributaries of success and motivation.”
  18. - J. Easley, co-author of Transforming the Difficult Child (in reference to the Rubber Chicken Story to be published in NHA Success Stories, Spring 2008)    
  20. WA. is so lucky to have Tammy Small, the world is lucky to have Tammy Small, the the family whose child you helped keep off of chemicals is lucky to have Tammy Small. I am certainly lucky to have had Tammy Small as a partner in the NHA Advanced trainers session of 09. I have known how powerful you were when I first met you, how many years ago, and to see you use that power to help others is nothing short of great. 
  21. I loved working with you and hope to be a sliver of what you are someday.”      
  22. - R. Page, Co-Advanced Trainer and Therapist, N. Carolina
  24. Tammy Small is a dynamic speaker who is excited about teaching educators about honoring children’s greatness!  Our program serves children 0-5 years of age with many of them having high social emotional needs. The teachers needed a “booster shot” of how to empower themselves and the children in their daily interactions as they support children on their journey of discovering their greatness.  One of the valuable tools the teachers walked away with was the idea that we need to meet children right where there are and in where they are there is surely something to celebrate and acknowledge.  The acknowledgment is real and true as one of the key focuses is on creating relationships.  May of the teachers and program consultants ended the training feeling that they too have a greatness that they can bring to light as they work with children and families.  We love you Tammy and we love the Nurtured Heart Approach!”
    -    Dawn Hildebrand, Child Development Consultant, OlyCAP ECS - Head Start, WA