Honoring Greatness with the Nurtured Heart Approach
Tammy Small, M.Ed. and certified Nurtured Heart Trainer
One of the biggest struggles we have as educators, parents and people in nurturing relationships is our limited vocabulary when we are on the spot.  Okay, so they are focused.  And then they are patient... and then what??  Below is a list of qualities and traits to name and honor in those with which  you work.  Additionally, Tom Grove, co-author of The Nurtured Heart Approach for Educators, uses this phrase below as a reminder of our dedication to each child’s ability to rise to their greatness. Post it - say it - mean it - believe it.  And watch the power of your actions and commitment alter the world of a child who has forgotten how great he or she already is!
“There is NOTHING you can say or do that will dissuade me from believing in your ability to be successful.” 
  1.  Cooperative
  2. Great ears
  3. Attention to detail
  4. Considerate
  5. Using a low-level voice
  6. Planning well
  7. Focused
  8. Managing time well
  9. Self-control
  10. Accomplishing a lot
  11. Showing real talent
  12. Acting creatively
  13. Looking out for others
  14. Being dazzling
  15. Showing amazing forethought
  16. Perseverance
  17. Dedication
  18. Imagination
  19. Being powerful
  20. Reasonable
  21. Patient
  22. Generous
  23. Seeing the big picture
  24. Making a solid educational guess
  25. Showing a quick mind
  26. Finding the new in the ordinary
  27. Compassionate
  28. Brave
  29. Bringing the best in others
  30. Making a hard task look easy
  31. Handling Strong Emotions
  32. Making Great Choices
  33. Choosing what is important
  34. Brilliant thoughts
  35. Magnificent thinking
  36. Being eye-popping awesome
  37. Showing zest
  38. Being inspiring
  39. Courageous
  40. Having an open mind
  41. Respecting yourself
  42. A scientist
  43. A source of strength
  44. Understanding
  45. In possession of innate ability
  46. Flashing a contagious smile
  47. Inquisitive
  48. Easy to like
  49. A leader
  50. An advocate
  51. Fair
  52. Positive Tactful
  53. Strong on the inside
  54. Productive
  55. Demonstrating integrity
  56. Vibrant
  57. Direct
  58. Powerfully spirited
  59. Committed
  60. Deep understanding
  61. Visionary
  62. Steadfast
  63. Genuine
  64. Hopeful
  65. Making delightful deductions
  66. Inclusive
  67. Exceeding expectations
  68. Impressive choice 

Recognizing Qualities of Greatness: Substitutions for Good Job and Thank You (print and post this!)
Monday, February 25, 2008